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TEKNIA Reinvents Hair Hydration

Dry, dull hair is now a thing of the past thanks to Gentle Balance, the new frequent-use shampoo from the TEKNIA range.

Free Travel B Confident

Your favorite hairspray just got better, FREE travel-size B confident styling spray with purchase of 10oz. B confident. While supplies last only!

Lakme Teknia Color Duos

Lakme Teknia color duos to refresh copper color-treated hair.

Bio Argan Treatment Collection

Infused with 100% organic Argan Oil and enriched with high-performing antioxidants. Dramatically improves hairs texture elasticity, shine, and manageability. Color-safe, perfect for all hair types.

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More Than A Salon Visit...An Experience.

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It Matters!

It matters where you buy your products. Many of the things you enjoy here at Riah Salon are made possible through the profits of these products. Things such as ongoing training, staff benefits, and programs to keep us on the cutting edge for you, are just a few of the extras. We know you occasionally see some of our brands in drugstores, supermarkets and online retailers that are not authorized to sell them. It may seem like you’re getting a ‘deal’ but you’re not. The professional salon products found on shelves of mass retailers are diverted—and they were channeled through the gray or black market. Please continue to help us make our salon the best it can be for you! You see “It Matters” where you buy your products because you matter to us! We are very grateful for your loyalty!


It may sound cliché, but no matter how beautiful the packaging, it's what's inside the bottle that really counts. We feel it's our responsibility to create products with unparalleled performance that respect the environment and your health. We strive to create products that not only provide performance, but maintain a high level of integrity with unique ingredients and performance benefits above all. Eufora's advanced technology utilizes important botanical extracts that have been scientifically proven to benefit the hair, scalp and skin. We never use fluff ingredients that sound good on the label, but don't provide any real benefit. You can count on Eufora to deliver substance without hype, because when it comes to quality, we believe there are no compromises.

Bennie Factor

Bennie Pollard creator of Benniefactor Products from Louisville, Kentucky was inspired by his mother who made a living by being a hairstylist to become a successful hairstylist and salon owner himself. In the spring of 2001, Pollard's own product line, Benniefactor, was introduced. Bennie knew exactly what ingredients he wanted in his products and how they would benefit his guests. We are very pleased to recommend Benniefactor products to our guests. He raise the public awareness of the beauty professional’s importance in contemporary society, through promoting positivity, intelligence and sophistication. Designed for the artist to create and the client to recreate, Benniefactor is a line of performance-driven shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products that promote inner beauty as well as outer beauty. Sophisticated and elegant, each product features positive power names such as b More, b Strong, and b Confident.


Haircare and styling should be easy. And finding the right product for your hair should be even easier. The solution is REF – The Swedish made salon formula product line with three numbers. A small, but yet complete haircare and hairstyling line for professionals. REF shows the identity of each product in a plain and simple way-with distinct numbers. The reference numbers describes the unique characteristics of each product.


Lakmē is a company inspired by beauty. Hair is a fundamental element of our personality. Health, well-being and the search for our own personal look are the essential values that guide us towards the hair’s natural beauty.

With the development of our products, we aim to bring these values to fruition in hairdressing, through professional creativity and the infinite possibilities that hair provides.

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